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Spring Recipe Feature

13 March 2014

BBQ Poussin with Salad

Sonny Batch Brasserie Chef at Regent's University London shares his recipe for BBQ poussin with salad. This recipe serves four.

  • Baby leaf & rocket salad 90g
  • Iceberg each
  • Balsamic vinegar 250ml
  • Olive oil 500ml
  • Dijon mustard 185g
  • McCain French fries 1kg
  • Cucumber each
  • Red onion loose each
  • Red pepper lose
  • Cherry tomato 330g
  • Gressingham French Poussin 450g X 4


pre heat oven to 180 degrees.

Lay the poussin on a chopping board breast side facing down. With a sharp knife cut though the breast plate so the Poussin opens while keeping the back bone in tacked. Then marinade in olive oil, salt & pepper

Put a chargrill pan on the stove and wait for it to get hot.

Place the poussin in the pan and chargrill both sides.

Once all the poussin has been grilled place into the oven for 45mins. At the same time put the french fries in on a flat baking tray on the top shelf of the oven.

While the poussin is cooking you can put together the salad.

Peel the cucumber then cut in half length ways and with a tea spoon scoop out all the seeds.

Then slice into thin half-moon pieces.

Next cut the cherry tomatoes in half then in the same pan you cooked the poussin in put the cherry tomatoes while its still hot and lightly colour. Once they have cooked for a few minutes take out and leave on the side.

Now peel and slice the red onion into thin rings then push the rings apart with your fingers.

Slice the red pepper into thin strips and mix together in a bowl with the onion.

The dressing

Put two tsp of Dijon in a bowl with 6 tbs of balsamic vinegar. Whisk together to a smooth paste.

Now slowly add some olive oil until the dressing combine into a smooth texture then season to taste.

The Salad

Next empty the baby leaf into a bowl. It’s ready to eat.

Cut and wash the iceberg, drain well then place into a bowl.

Now mix the cherry tomato, pepper and red onion then put into a bowl

Put everything on the table so everyone can help themselves.



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