Regent’s provided us with the perfect backdrop for our big day. The stunning beauty of the grounds was ideal for pictures and set a very romantic tone for exchanging our vows. The venue draped in Ivy, complimented the softness of the marquee and looked fantastic in our pictures.

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28 November 2013

Style of Event : Marquee reception in York Lawns

Guest Numbers : 250


When we first embarked on finding a wedding reception venue, we looked at a number of options in central London… but we immediately got a strong feeling – both for the venue – but especially for our wedding coordinator Iwona,  someone who we knew would be helpful, constructive, but above all, level-headed.  She was also fun to work with, always positive, and constantly went the extra mile to ensure that our day was as special as we wanted it to be.

From our initial meeting, through to 11pm when we (finally) left the building on our wedding day, Regent’s University London excelled.  From helping us draw up the initial plans, through to the menu proposals and food tasting, to the entire organisation, and – of course – those unexpected curved balls (people with food allergies, how do we permit live music, last minute alterations)… the venue team could not have done more to help.

As someone – myself – with a very strong planning focus, I was very happy to leave so much in their hands because the trust that we had built up, demanded no less.  They were very accommodating on our tardy decisions on certain key requirements – firm, but always calm.  Iwona was  happy to suggest ideas (e.g. chair backs), but not in an over-powering way – always making it clear that it was OUR day.

We mentioned the venue team.  They were incredible.  The food itself was out of this world – the menu choice for what anyone would perceive as “just a University” was more in keeping with a 5-star hotel (and better in fact than some of the 5-star hotels we considered locally) – the students are very lucky!  And then the quality of the food – it is quite impossible to conceive that it is possible to create 250 covers so impeccably.

The venue itself was one of the (many) reasons why we chose Regent’s University London.  Many people are aware of it, but few have been inside, giving it that awe of the unknown.  The façade with the greenery is quite stunning, and then the marquee that you arranged was quite magnificent.

Finally, for us, what summed up the whole experience was Regent’s solution to our “music problem”.  One of the many things that draws Nicki and I together, is the love of live music, and we were perturbed by the challenges that being a Royal Park in a residential part of London would bring to that.  However, you and your team took it upon yourselves to come up with a solution to ensure that our day was a fantastic success.

The question that everyone asks is cost.  We looked at several venues in the near vicinity, so had a good idea how much it would be, and due to us wanting a large wedding (250 people), we always knew it would not be a cheap day. However, Regent’s pricing was highly competitive, and there was never an issue in ensuring we had the perfect occasion. 

It is very hard to describe how fantastic your Wedding Day is, in just a few words (so we won’t try!), but over the full day, the one part where you spend the most time, and your guests have the greatest memories, is the reception… and five months on, people are still talking about it.

Visit images from Simon and Nicki's day here.

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