I would recommend the conference centre as it provides flexible conference and breakout space in a central London location… and if you get a chance to have a short break a walk round Regent’s Park (which is just outside the college grounds) it is a really lovely place to get some fresh air.

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Art in the Knapp Gallery

22 January 2014

The Knapp Gallery in Regent’s Park showcases contemporary art in conjunction with Artgallery.co.uk. The two artists on show in this exhibition are both inspired by the City.

Keith Mcbride celebrates the vibrancy of the capital while Katie Minoprio is enthralled by patterns made by people as they cross the plaza.Keith Mcbride

Keith Mcbride was born in South Shields in 1978. His love of London began when he moved there from the North East at the age of only 10.

He has achieved an international reputation for his amusing and quirkily iconic images of the capital, its people, architecture and environs.

He enjoys working quickly and freely with acrylics because of their versatility. Each line is intuitive. The resulting fun-filled paintings, deliberately loose in treatment, superbly capture the vibrancy of the UK capital.

Keith is among the top best-sellers of the over 3,000 artists on the artgallery.co.uk site.

Katie Minoprio

Katie Minoprio is a self-taught artist living in Kent. She has shown her work in galleries in London and Kent since 2005 in both group and solo exhibitions.

She recently achieved a First Class Honours degree in the History and Philosophy of Art. This period of study has had a profound affect on her attitude to painting and her chosen subject matter.

She is a very new member of the artgallery.co.uk family and we look forward with interest to her new work.

The exhibition continues throughout January and February 2014. Visitors making the short walk from the nearest bus or tube stop, will be well rewarded. For more examples of both artists work, visit the www.artgallery.co.uk website.

Words by Humph Hack.

About the Knapp Gallery

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