Thank you for such a wonderful evening last night. We were not only impressed with the venue but with the professional team spirit covering the whole event. The theme was excellent and a lot of planning and thought went into making the whole event successful

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Art in the Knapp Gallery

08 October 2013

The Knapp Gallery in Regent’s Park showcases contemporary art in conjunction with Artgallery.co.uk. This month the gallery is proud to present powerful and atmospheric landscapes by Alison Johnson, the brilliantly calming compositions of Mike Bell and Knapp plus some new pieces by Knapp regular Paresh Nrshinga. Below the artists reflect on their her careers and inspirations behind their featured work.

Alison Johnson

Alison’s atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive and focal points for any space.  By expressing the power of light playing amongst the water drops, this artist shows the abstract, surreal side to the natural world. Her seascapes follow a deep tradition which Johnson modernises and brings to a contemporary forefront. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes and figures do reveal themselves they appear lost and fragile against the infinite space of the world around. Such is the atmosphere contained in these works they could easily be viewed as pure abstractions, each detail vital enough to stand alone. Ephemeral, warm powerful and evocative she creates a sense of movement through colour, light and balance. Johnson’s delicate handling of the world she depicts around her has the power to not only move the viewer but to make a lasting impression. With a nod to the impressionist painters Johnson’s work has been likened to the great masters of our time such as Turner. Such high acclaim has guaranteed her many exhibitions within the UK, Italy and Paris and is soon to exhibit in the Middle East. Her work continues to reach clients on an international scale.

Mike Bell

Mike’s  work is mainly mixed media ,using many materials to create a strong textured surface on the canvas. His inspirations mainly come from the wild Northumbrian coast where he lived for 25years &  now  from the wild   Borders region of hills lakes, dales & wild Moorland , Mike says “The land of Far horizons” Northumberland has light which enhances the tactile quality of the landscape no matter what the Season.

Paresh Nrshinga

Paresh has been awarded with Highly Commended (3rd place) in our Artist of the Year 2012 Competition. His paintings are experiences of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of colour.

These artists are currently on show at The Knapp Gallery, Regent’s Conferences & Events, London, from the 8 Oct 2013. Viewings by appointment, please ring 01666 505152 to arrange.

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